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Succession Planning Bootcamp

November 17 - November 18
Smithville, MO
Conference Location:
Herzog Foundation
105 NW 188th St
Smithville, MO 64089
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Succession planning simply put is “the process of good leadership transition.” It is a stewardship board’s duty to protect the mission, vision, and values of its Christian school for the greatest, long-term impact. As such, one of the Christian school board’s most important responsibilities is the hiring of the Head of School.

Schools have complex organizational demands from their executives. As Head of School, this person must be a people manager, conflict resolver, spiritual mentor, businessperson, strategic thinker, marketer, and development officer. In addition, the Head of School must be a feedback loop for the board with input from all stakeholders in the school: parents, staff, students, donors, and the board itself. Statistically, tenure of those in the role of Head of School is between 3 and 5 years, often less. If one of the most significant decisions of a school board is choosing the Head of School, and the Head of School is likely to last 3 to 5 years, then the board’s task is no less than:

Recruiting and hiring a value aligned, Christian leader with business acumen

Providing professional and spiritual support, accountability, and developmental resources to increase longevity

Identifying and resourcing future leaders for the position

At this bootcamp, we will explore the two primary challenges when it comes to hiring a Head of School: lack of supply (where do they come from) and lack of leadership development (how are they equipped to successfully execute the role). For the mission of the Christian school to be lived out in the long term, schools must consider the effects of inevitable leadership transition. Using Christ’s example of teaching the disciples, schools must work to identify and train those who will carry on the good work of Christian education for the furtherance of the Kingdom.

Outcomes of the Bootcamp:
  • - Network with your peers
  • - Learn from best-in-class development experts
  • - Understand the core aspects of creating a successful succession plan for your Head of School
  • - Plan for the longevity of your school's leadership

Attendance Details:
Please only register if you can commit to this event in its entirety. You may not register to save a seat for someone else at your school. There will be more events in the coming months so keep an eye out on our Conferences and Events.

This is a completely free, best-in-class event for Christian schools. Each seat costs $2,000 and is completely covered by the Herzog Foundation as an investment in your school. The Herzog Foundation will cover all costs during the event including accommodation, meals, transportation, etc. Schools are expected to cover all travel costs to and from the event.

This event is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Attendees are expected to be present for all sessions in their entirety including activities, bootcamp sessions, and meals. If you cannot make this commitment, please register for a later event. Spots are limited as events are kept small to maximize networking and 1:1 coaching.

Schools are permitted 2 seats per event. We recommend your Head of School attend with a Board Member or Principal/Assistant Head of School.

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